Feeling Sad…….

Today I guess I’m feeling sad. I have these days occasionally and that’s totally fine. But I wanted to talk to you about some things that I’ve been struggling with. I’ve been dealing with the idea that I don’t feel wanted if I’m not being texted or talked to. I understand people have lives and I’m not social either by any means! But for some stupid reason I struggle with it. I still deal with feeling rejected. And that’s human! We all feel it.


I think we all do it! We all compare ourselves to other people. We all do! But it’s not a healthy habit to get into. It’s actually quite toxic. Sometimes the conversation might go: “oh she’s prettier than me, or I’m boring” Everyone’s more interesting than me. All of these things I’ve said. I still believe some of these things. I’m working on not. But it’s a daily battle. I still think everyone’s prettier than me or more interesting and that no guy is ever going to like me. Now I gave up dating forever. So I won’t have to worry about it. But I think it’s probably a good idea to not compare myself to others. Sometimes I wonder, if maybe other people think good things about me. But that’s another thing we need to stop doing. Let’s work on it!

I hate Valentines day!

I can’t stand that holiday. It’s a stupid one. It’s stupid holiday! It makes single people feel pathetic. My dog and cat are my valentines this year. I’m NEVER falling in love again. And my pets have shown me more love than a relationship ever could. I’m done with relationships. They always hurt. So with that I encourage you to show your pets some love this year! And yourself!

Cell Phones

I honestly can’t stand them. I find them annoying. BUT I do understand the purpose and my phone has come in handy many times. But the thing I cannot stand is the fact that people seem to think they have access to you 24/7. But sometimes I wish someone would reach out to me because they want to. But I also understand that people have lives and work. I start school in May and I can only imagine how busy I’ll be! I don’t know for certain yet. But I can only imagine. But I think the thing I’m having trouble with is more whether or not people like me. I have to understand that it’s NOT me. It’s just life. People get busy.

A few reminders!

Don’t wait up for him/her to text you, they’re not going to. If they wanted to they would. I think we get so caught up in people and attached that it ends up hurting us in the long run. If someone was interested in you they would show it. They would make time to contact you and put you on their list. While all this may be so valid. I’d like to point out a few other things that may be the case as well: What if? they’re busy? What if their depression is so bad that they can’t find the energy to respond? (in that case, please check on them) it may save a life or make there day. Mental health is so important! I can’t stress this enough.


The short answer is no, I’ll never date again. I’m not ever going to put myself in a position where getting hurt could happen. I’m not open to it. Life is much simpler single. I don’t have to worry about much.

It’s so funny

It’s so funny, I’ve been getting myself ready for school in May by reading old notes from college. And I forgot how much I love psychology. it’s so funny to me that I forgot. But I understand why at the same time. I won’t get into it here. But it makes sense. I wasn’t allowed to have passions, or dreams. Everything was about my ex. Nothing mattered that mattered to me. Now I get that chance to be me and find my self again. It’s a hard journey. I’ve realized many things. And some were easier to realize than others. For example:

I’ve realized I’m not ready nor will I ever be ready to fall in love. I can’t handle the closeness or anything. I can’t fathom someone finding me attractive. I can’t imagine someone wanting to take me on a date. It’s gross to me. This will be okay. I’m better off alone. Life is just easier that way.

Pets are literally the best! I’m so glad I have my cat and my dog. They’ve gotten me through some dark moments. I don’t know where I’d be without them.


no not the end of a sentence. The annoying thing that all girls get once a month…….I’ve decided to get a little personal with you today and share how I personally deal with the hell that is my period.

Back story: back when I first got my period, I had a drinking problem. So every 28 days or so I would vomit, faint, turn purple, have cramps from hell and have to miss school. I was also lactose intolerant but didn’t know it at the time. So that added some more fun to my symptoms. Here we are 14 years later and my period is much lighter and easier to deal with. HOWEVER I still have some things I do to ease the pain if any.

I take Ibuprofen, drink herbal tea, take hot showers and use a heating pad. I also try and get as much rest as I can. I also don’t eat spicy foods, fried foods or anything that could possibly iritate my stomach. I’m very careful. Now this doesn’t mean I don’t have cravings! But I know better.

I also try and get exercise and lots of rest!

Hope this helps!

Special Treat!

I’ve decided to share something special with you today. I’ve decided to share that my 10th book will be coming out soon! I’m not done with it yet, but I want you to know that I’m working on it! In the meantime please enjoy the other 9 I’ve written. I’m so proud of them! they are all so personal to me in different ways. I hope you enjoy!

Rainy Day

Rainy Days are the best. Everything’s quiet and peaceful. The world feels softer and delicate. It feels better than a sunny day. But I do love sunny days don’t get me wrong! It’s just sometimes we need rain. Balance is the key to life. We can’t have sunshine without some rain! And vice versa. See people tend to forget that. Life is a journey and with that journey comes balance. Everything has a reaction, equal and opposite. It’s all part of life. For every person that lives, someone must die. For everything thing good that happens something bad must happen. It’s all part of life. We may not like it. But we wouldn’t appreciate the good as much if that’s all we got!