It’s so funny

It’s so funny, I’ve been getting myself ready for school in May by reading old notes from college. And I forgot how much I love psychology. it’s so funny to me that I forgot. But I understand why at the same time. I won’t get into it here. But it makes sense. I wasn’t allowed to have passions, or dreams. Everything was about my ex. Nothing mattered that mattered to me. Now I get that chance to be me and find my self again. It’s a hard journey. I’ve realized many things. And some were easier to realize than others. For example:

I’ve realized I’m not ready nor will I ever be ready to fall in love. I can’t handle the closeness or anything. I can’t fathom someone finding me attractive. I can’t imagine someone wanting to take me on a date. It’s gross to me. This will be okay. I’m better off alone. Life is just easier that way.

Pets are literally the best! I’m so glad I have my cat and my dog. They’ve gotten me through some dark moments. I don’t know where I’d be without them.

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