Recipe Time!

This maybe random but occasionally I’ll share a recipe with you guys! I’ve made this so many times and it’s a staple in the summer when it’s 100 degrees outside. So I thought perhaps it was blog worthy! it’s a smoothie bowl! Now you can add or omit whatever you want to this is just what I use!

1 frozen cut and peeled banana. you can use more or less if you’d like but I typically use one as the “base” I’m basically making ice cream here.

1 cup of frozen fruit. I usually use blueberries or strawberries or whatever I found at the store. Sometimes I add spinach for extra health. but you don’t need to. I also sometimes add vegan yogurt to make it creamier but again you don’t need to.

1 cup of almond milk.

Blend until smooth. And pour in a bowl. Now you can top it with chocolate chips, granola, fresh fruit whatever makes you smile!


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