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I had a panic attack last night


That was definitely weird as I haven’t had one in SO long. But alas, I had one. I got through it though. And I don’t need sympathy. I’m simply trying to add to a conversation that I think we don’t have enough!

School stuff is going fine, did financial shit yesterday. That was fun. I’m so excited to go back to school online. THat’s what I should’ve done the first time honestly. But maybe I had to go away? Maybe I had to move away from home. Maybe I had to learn some hard lessons. Maybe I had to grow up a bit. Maybe my life was supposed to happen that way. Maybe it’s all for the better. You really never know. Life has a funny way of teaching you things. And throwing you a curveball lol.

I keep thinking maybe I had to go away to school so that I could learn. Maybe it all taught me the greatest lesson I needed to learn. Was how strong I actually am and how ridiculous my life was and how much I needed to love myself. How much I should never have settled for shitty friends or shitty people. I know better now. I don’t let anyone in now. I’m over it.

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