Healing is difficult

I need to take a second and acknowledge something. Healing is difficult. I know it’s been 3 years since I’ve been single. And I’ve done A LOT of work on myself in those 3 years. I’ve become a much calmer person and a much more present person. BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot of work to continue doing. I have to still let go of the belief that men are terrible. I also have to let go of the fact that I’m a horrible person and people hate me. Nobody hates me. I need to realize that. I”m not a villain.

Yes I’ve done terrible things! We all have. But that doesn’t make me a bad person. We’ve all fucked up over time. It’s not the end of the world. I still have a long way to go and that’s okay! I’m okay. Nobodies mad at me.

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