My 8-9th Books

Hey everyone! I’ve written two more installments of my Late Night Thoughts Series. And I must say they’re probably the most personal books I’ve ever written. Especially Part 4. In Part 4 I cover some heavy topics, such as pregnancy scares and wanting to be invisible, and being an introvert in an extroverted world. The thing is I had to write about these topics. Because I needed to get them off my chest. I had to process them in order to let go. I had to move on.

I’m so glad I have that outlet! Writing my last book was extremely cathartic for me. I was able to work through some things I hadn’t taken the time to work through and was able to publish it feeling okay about what I had written. I hope that my stories can help others. I tried to word them in a way that was ambiguous so that everyone could apply it to their own lives. And I hope I was able to accomplish that. I hope that someone will be touched by my words.

Whats the most personal thought I shared with you? There are three! And they’re all in book 4. You’ll have to read to find out! 🙂

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