Spending Time In Nature!

Lately I’ve been spending more time offline and in nature. I’ve been trading a computer for a lakeside view. I’ve been walking around lakes and clearing my head. I’ve been taking more time for myself then ever and it’s paying off. My mood has been better and I’ve been feeling lighter then ever. Sometimes we just need to shut off for a while so that we can come back feeling better then before. That’s what I’ve been doing lately. Taking time away from my electronics and being in total silence.

How did this come about? Well in October I started to realize a few things, I started to realize that I was burned out and honestly kind of a jerk. I wasn’t mean or anything but I wasn’t nice either. I also realized that I hadn’t been taking much time for myself. I also realized something very important and that is in order to let go off all the trauma that I suffered and truly find peace I need to slow down and really work through it. See when I broke up with my ex I just threw myself into work. I wasn’t taking much time to heal. I’ve been kind of on autopilot for 3 years. So I’m taking this time now to heal. My business is slow enough that I can. I’m using this time to become a better version of me. I want to encourage this for everyone

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