I Had An Anxiety Attack This Morning

This Morning I had an anxiety attack. And I’m kind of embarrassed by it. But I don’t need to be. Anxiety attacks are NOTHING to be embarrassed by. I want you to know that. Why did I have it? a few reasons, One: Hurricane Ian, I was worried about that. I still am. But I’m not in Florida. I’m in South Carolina. But I honestly thought it would be worse then it was. I was expecting rain and wind and power outages and all the stuff they said. We’ve been getting alerts for days now and it’s been a big deal. So it made me nervous. I’m not going to apologize for being nervous. I’m a human.

I was also nervous because I canceled some of my clients today in order to stay safe from the storm. I probably didn’t have to. But I did. I felt guilty about that. I really felt bad. I actually felt like I did something wrong. But after realizing that lots of other businesses around me were closed today as well. I didn’t feel as bad. I still feel terrible and hope they all forgive me. Can you relate?

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