More Boundaries

I know, I know, I’m crazy! But I have more that I’ve come to terms with. And I wanted to share them today.

  1. I could never be with someone who drinks. see my ex was an alcoholic and that would be a big trigger for me. I need someone to understand that. I think I would be nervous all the time if my partner drank all the time or at all. This is a non negotiable for me. I don’t mean to sound controlling but it’s important to me. So please respect that. And as an ex drinker myself I don’t need that energy in my life
  2. I have another boundary: I need someone who doesn’t follow a lot of girls on social media. I know that sounds crazy. But it would make me feel insecure. I’d also be iffy if they were texting another girl alone. I know that sounds crazy. But I need to explain- I want to honor friendships of course! They’re extremely important. I want to honor those connections. But I’d feel better if we were all in a group text situation. I realize we all have different friend needs and we can’t necessarily depend on one person to fulfill all those needs. I know I sound nuts.

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