Saturday Thoughts:

This morning I rushing around working and it occurred to me that I don’t take enough time to slow down and really process things as they come. I do have times of the day to rest but I’ve come to realize that I don’t truly rest. I’m constantly thinking or feeling guilty for resting even for a moment. I’m working on that. Because I shouldn’t feel guilty for taking a moment to rest and enjoy some silence. Even when we aren’t at work we’re constantly thinking, feeling guilty for resting or making to-do lists. We’re constantly doing other things. And when have we ever taken a moment to rest? Just lie on a beach somewhere and think of all the things we still have left to do in our short lives. It’s never a priority to take time for ourselves during the day. So when you need to, I encourage you do so. Mental health should be a priority and a non negotiable. It should be something you put before anything else. No matter what.

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