I was thinking about this, this morning and having standards is important. What are my standards I hear you ask? Well what specific situation are you asking about? I have standards for every situation. I wanted to list them here.

Dating Standards: I have very high standards for dating. While I’m not ready for dating yet. I still have the standards. Which is important for me. I wanted to share some of them here. The first thing is that I need someone to understand how badly I’ve been hurt in the past and how much reassurance I need going forward as I heal. I need someone to be there for me and understand that it’s hard for me to trust people. That’s a big thing for me. I’m not about to trust just anyone. I have a lot of baggage and while it’s not anyone’s responsibility to help unpack I need someone there should I need some support. Then there’s the normal stuff, loyalty, honesty and all that stuff. Basically I need a dog. And I have one. LOL

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