Second Blog Entry of the day

This will happen occasionally, sometimes I’ll get more thoughts that I just have to share with you. And that is okay! I enjoy sharing my thoughts with people. Should I feel inclined. So my thoughts for today are: I got rained on today while I was walking a dog and it was quite funny. It was funny because I kept thinking about how good the rain felt on my skin. Yes it was quite annoying to get rained on but it was also fun. I felt cooled off. It was nice. I felt good. I wasn’t quite soaked by the time I got to my clients house because the sun had come out by the time we came back. However I can say that I’m quite relieved to be inside now. I dried off and have somehow managed to get a lot of work done. I did a blog entry for my dog walking site, fixed that site up a bit. I did a bonus episode of my podcast and I rewrote some policies for the future.

Now a dream of mine is a tiny house! 500 square feet to be exact. I’ve wanted one forever. I’ve wanted my own little tiny home. With a huge yard for dogs. I’m so excited about it. I’m working on this goal everyday. I do get frustrated when things don’t pan out quick enough but I’m trying.

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