The after effects of abuse

Oh boy, so many. Disclaimer: I’m not posting this as a cry for help, attention or anything of that nature. I’m simply trying to educate. That’s it. Please don’t take it any other way. Another disclaimer: I’m no expert on the psychology of abuse. But I am a survivor so I am just going to share my experience and hopefully it can help someone else. So here are the things I’m experiencing:

-Distrust of well: Everyone, especially males. -Anger issues and fear that people hate me. -Thinking that anyone whose nice to me has an ulterior motive and I must push them away. -Triggers around yelling, tense situations, people being upset with me, food. All that. I’m trying to work around it as best I can. I know I’ve upset some people and I feel terrible about that. I’m really trying to manage my anger. If you have any tips please comment below!

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