Even More Thoughts

So last night I was watching the Season 6 Finale of the Vampire Diaries. And while it did in fact rip my heart out and make me cry. (As most of season 6 has) It also got me thinking specifically about the relationship shared between Damon and Elena. While toxic at some points, it was also amazing; just the pure love they have for each other. But it also got me thinking of all the things I want from a relationship and as much as this relationship inevitably rips my heart out every time. I also realize that I could never be in a relationship with Damon. And it’s not because he’s over 100 years old and a vampire. It’s not because he’s ridiculously hot and extremely destructive. its because of one simple fact, their relationship is much too toxic.
Here’s why: Every-time Damon does something terrible to Elena, she forgives him. She constantly sees the good in him and thinks he’s worth saving. No matter how much he hurts her she still forgives him. That’s not healthy.

Another thought: I think I’m going to stay single forever. Why? Because I don’t trust men. Yes I’m bi-sexual. But I have years of trauma and baggage behind me and that’s not something to give to a relationship. I need to heal and I don’t know how long that will take. So I will stay single until I do. Will that be forever? Who knows. I’m just done dating. I’m done opening up to people and getting hurt. So I’m done.

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