Twin Flames…..

A friend of mine asked me if I believe in twin flames. I took a minute to figure out how to answer this question because in my mind twin flames and soulmates are the same thing. They come into your life, change you. Shake your ego up a little bit and make you so desperate and out of control that you HAVE to change your life. Then sometimes they have to leave. But it’s okay, because they’ve served their purpose. They did all they needed to do for you. They showed you what was holding you back and bruised. your ego just enough that you had no choice BUT to change. I don’t believe in a Twin Flame/Soulmate being a perfect match. People have that shit all mixed up. A soulmate/Twin flame is probably the most important person you’ll ever meet. You’ll hold them in such a high regard that it won’t hurt when it is time for them to leave. You’ll always have love for them. But they aren’t meant to be in your life long term.

See a partner, that’s your friend. That’s something totally different. A soulmate is someone who holds a mirror up to your face and shows you what you need to change and that you need to in fact get your shit together. You can’t marry your soulmate. That’s much to fucking painful.

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