11 Things I want you to know about people with Mental Illnesses.

  1. We’re not ticking time bombs
  2. We’re not trying to get attention by talking about our “cool mental illness”.
  3. We aren’t broken, stupid or incapable of living normal lives
  4. We can have jobs (I run 3 businesses thank you very much)
  5. We can have normal relationships, it just takes a little extra love and care. Not too much to ask.
  6. We can’t just calm down, get over it or cheer up.
  7. Telling us that it could be worse is not comforting at all, in fact it makes us freak out more.
  8. Telling us that everything will be okay doesn’t help either.
  9. We didn’t choose to have a mental illness so don’t make us feel like it’s our fault.
  10. We are not broken. I really want to emphasize that.
  11. Despite our mental illnesses we are just like you! So please treat us with respect and kindness.

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