Let’s take it there: S*x

For those who are new here, Let’s take it there is a series I do on my blog about topics that are extremely personal to me. I’d like to talk about sex and how much I hate it. I’d like to talk about why I hate it and how I got to this point. I’d like to issue a huge trigger warning because I will be discussing topics such as S*xual a**ault and other topics of that nature. So please if this makes you uncomfortable in any way I have so many other posts for you to read. I wouldn’t want you to be triggered.

As you all know by now I was sexually assaulted twice in my life. Those two events led me to a fear of sex. And then in my most recent relationship I was even more hating of sex for a few reasons: 1. When I lost my v****nity I was not entirely in control of the situation. And from then on sex became something I hated. I still do to this day. My ex never did anything to make me feel good, It was all about him. I talked about this on last nights episode of put your feet up so if you want to hear more feel free to listen to that! I’d love for you to listen. I just laid there and waited for it to end. I never c**e I never did anything. I hated sex.

If anyone can relate to this story you’re not alone. It’s not your fault either. I was love bombed and pressured into having sex. I didn’t want to. I don’t feel good about it to this day. I don’t feel S**y ever, I don’t feel anything about that topic. I share my story to perhaps help someone. I’m not crying out for attention. I’m simply trying to help others.

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