Let’s take it there: Being an Introvert

I’d like to start off this blog post today by saying that I don’t hate extroverts. In fact I spent most of my adult life pretending to be an extrovert. (If you’ve read my book you’ll know why) But anyways over time I’ve come into my own as an introvert. Looking back on my life I’ve realized that I was simply trying to fill all the noise in my life with more noise. And ignore some serious issues that you’ve read about in my book. I’m still trying to figure out just how introverted I am. Now I want to continue by saying this does not mean I don’t want to hang out with people, It doesn’t mean I hate being invited places. It does not mean that I don’t have friends. It doesn’t mean any of that. It just means that I need a lot of alone time and having people around 24/7 exhausts me.

I can’t be around people 24/7. In fact I turn quite mean after a certain hour of the day because that’s my wind down time. Around 6pm is when I retreat into my room for the night and wind down. I watch movies or something silly on YouTube. I don’t do any work or respond to any messages. (That has taken a lot of time/work to be able to stop doing work at night, I’m a workaholic) But I take that time to wind down and I fall asleep around 10.

If anyone else is an introvert please let me know!

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