Anxiety struggles.

I’ve been talking about this for a while on my podcast and on patreon. So I thought I’d let you guys in on the fun. I’d like to start off by talking about all the mental illnesses I have. In case you haven’t heard 😜

I have: Anxiety, Depression, Panic Disorder, I’ve struggled with an Eating disorder on and off for years and I’ve struggled with symptoms of PTSD. So now that we’ve covered that fun. I’m going to talk about all the things I struggle with on daily basis. If anyone can relate just know you’re not alone.

Anxiety: I constantly worry and overthink everything. I constantly assume that people hate me. I constantly assume that I said something bad or did something bad. I constantly blame myself for everything. I have anxiety attacks all the time and I constantly apologize for things I didn’t even do. That’s a fraction of what I deal with daily. I’m always feeling like I’m not doing something good enough or right. If you’ve read my book you know why I have those beliefs.

Panic Disorder: This has actually gotten a lot better since I became single but I still deal with it occasionally. I freak out at night mostly. I still have flashbacks of someone yelling at me and putting me down. I still have flashbacks of being abused on the daily.

Eating Disorder: I’ve struggled with this for a long time. I talked about this yesterday.

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