Let’s take it there:Social media

Social media while it can be an effective tool for promoting business stuff, it’s also quite toxic. It’s fucking toxic to me when it comes to my mental health. It’s horrendous. I’m sorry for cursing but sometimes I have to, I suppose. Social media can be cut throat, it makes you feel cheap, useless or ugly. There have been so many studies done that show it increases depression. (I can personally vouch for that) it’s increased my depression and contributed to my suicide ideation. It is here that I’d like to issue a HUGE trigger warning because I’m going to be mentioning suicide for a second. I’ve been that depressed a few times in my life. For reasons I don’t need to get into. But I’m sure you know them by now. I’ve mentioned them a bunch.

Social media has its place in the world certainly, but it’s not for the faint of heart or the thin skinned. It’s toxic and can make you believe lies. I deleted most of my social media accounts. Especially my instagram, It ruined my mental health. I had to delete it. I haven’t checked it in months and I don’t miss it one bit. I hope anyone whose dealt with the same things I have can relate. I’d like to point out that you are not alone. Have you seen the movie cyberbully? It’s a good movie but it’s also sad and quite scary when talking about the effects of social media.

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