Thoughts: Working with Anxiety

Working with Anxiety is difficult, you never know if you’re doing the right thing or if you said something wrong. You never know if what you’re doing is correct, you never know if anyone likes you or is just putting up with you. You never know if people are judging you or if anything you’re doing is actually making the slightest difference. Ever struggle with that? I have. I’ve struggled with that all my working career. I work for myself now and I still struggle with that. I sometimes wonder how on earth I’ve been in business for 3 years and why my clients even like me or if they do at all. I keep wondering if what I’m doing is making the slightest difference in the world. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I don’t know.

See here’s the thing about mental illnesses. They’re invisible. You can’t see them. Everyday someone is actively fighting something. We don’t get gold stars for simply surviving. I wish we did somedays. But we don’t. People expect you to have it all together and be detail orientated and all that. But what they don’t get is that we’re constantly overthinking, wondering why we aren’t working 24/7. Thinking we didn’t get enough done in a day. Etc. Ever feel like that? I certainly do. I do all the time.

It’s lonely. Perhaps we need to talk about mental illnesses more so that the stigma will be taken away.

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