Let’s take it there: What is it?

Hey! For those who are new to this blog I’d like to explain what this is. Let’s take it there is a series I do on this blog about topics that nobody is talking about in regards to mental health. I’d invite you to read along and learn. The whole purpose of this blog is to not only share my stories but to educate people on Mental Health topics. It’s Extremely clear that we all have a lot to learn; that’s why I’m here. To help us learn. Now the question is how did this series come to be? Well I thought it would a good way to educate people and share my story in maybe a different way. I hope you enjoy it.

So if you see a post titled: Let’s take it there you’ll know. I may issue a trigger warning for some topics and that will be important for you. This is so that you are not triggered in anyway by topics we talk about here. Okay?

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