I’d like to vent for a second if that’s okay.

I sit here and write this blog post with the intention of talking to you about a very important mental health topic and that’s what this blog is about! Mental health and the stigma and all that bullshit. And I enjoy talking about those things and I find them beyond important. But today I’m not going to talk about those things. I’m going to talk about something that’s been heavy on my mind lately and I haven’t acknowledged it until now because I was coming to terms with it.

I’m Bisexual. I like guys and girls. I find both genders attractive. If I end up being with a girl great, if I end up being with a guy, that’s great too. I realize that’s not acceptable to some people and to those people I say nothing. I have nothing to say to those people.

I’ve already come out to my family and they’re cool with it. But I wanted to publicly say it because I wanted to help someone else out there who might be having trouble coming out or coming to terms with their sexuality. And that’s okay!

Just know you are accepted and are not alone!

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