Weighing in……

I’d like to weigh on something here. I have opinions and I’d like to share them with you guys. So here’s the deal: I’d like to talk about this stigma around Sexual assault and victim blaming. That’s not okay. As someone whose been sexual assaulted twice. I can tell you that the first time if I had said anything I wouldn’t have been believed. I would have been blamed. I would have been made to feel stupid for even saying anything. See the person who did it was an athlete in my high school and in my high school anyone who was an athlete was a golden child. They were on a pedestal. I’ve talked about this in my book: My story 12 years of going to hell and back. (It’s on amazon if you’re interested)

But anyways I talked about the fact that this happens in more then school. Powerful people shutting people up and using that power dynamic to violate people. So back to the story: so that’s why I started drinking. I’m now 13 years sober. I keep telling my story to help others and keep adding to the conversation that’s not had enough. I’m not going to stop telling my story. I want to help people.

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