Let’s take it there

If you ever see a post called Let’s take it there: That means I’m opening up about something really personal and I’m doing it because I want others to be able to relate to it and hopefully help someone. I wanted to clear that up. So with that let’s take it there. Let’s pull back curtains and talk about shit that needs to be talked about. Let’s go there people.

So I got asked this question a while ago by some good friends. They asked me about Gender Pronouns and they asked me what mine were. My Pronouns are she/her/hers/They/Them/Theirs. Honestly I’m just a human. I don’t like this idea of falling into a box. I think it’s fucked. Let’s just be humans. Let’s just take the labels away and identify as humans. I honestly think that would be easier. It’s annoying to because I live in the south and It’s so conservative down here. I hate that aspect of it.

What do my pronouns mean? it means that I honestly don’t give two shits what people call me. I’m a “girl” but I also feel like Im just a human.

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