The Semi-Colon Project

To those who haven’t heard of this I’ll explain it quickly. Project Semi Colon is a Mental health organization founded in 2013 by a women named Amy. She’s unfortunately passed away due to suicide. Her story is harrowing and I’ll link it below.

So why a Semi Colon? Well in the English Language we know a semi colon as a punctuation mark that continues a sentence. Project-Semi Colon is a way of showing solidarity to those who’ve struggled with suicidal ideation or attempts as well as people who are struggling with Mental Illnesses. How do you show solidarity? You get a tattoo of a semi colon. It’s sometimes incorporated into a butterfly or used in a word that has an I in it. Like believe for example. Some people might turn the I into a semi colon. It’s a beautiful project 🙂 I fully support it. I may even get a tattoo someday.

This is one of the many ways we can show solidarity and help end the stigma surrounding mental illness. I’ve struggled with Anxiety and Depression my whole life and have thought of ending my life once (If you’ve read my book you’ll know why) So this project is especially important to me.

Here’s more information!

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