The Importance of Having a Daily Routine

This morning I was thinking about this and I wanted to share it with you today. I wanted to share how having a daily routine has made my mental health a bit better and my anxiety has lessened a bit since creating one. I decided to share my daily routine with you today not only to give you a glimpse into my work day but to also give you an example. I will be dividing the day into three parts: Morning, Afternoon and evening to prevent any confusion.

Morning: I wake up, snuggle with my dog, take her out, use the restroom myself. Then I make us both breakfast. I usually have a piece of fruit or corn flakes or a smoothie. Then I shower. After that I sit and take some time to get some work out of the way. Check emails, add to invoices, Check on my podcast, books all that. Then I go out and walk whatever dogs I have that day and whatever cats I have get fed.

Afternoon: I sit and do some computer work. I record podcast episodes for Patreon, my regular podcast, I blog on this site and my dog walking site. I also work on my book a little bit if I feel like it. I also take some time and eat lunch. I also listen to music during this time because I find it helps me concentrate. I will take some time also and walk my dog again. She doesn’t like to walk for long but she does appreciate it. If I have any afternoon animals to take care of I’ll do that as well. But when I get back I typically get right back into my computer work. I also update my patreon blog, I’ll write a post on there. I’ll plan some podcast episodes. Sometimes I’ll send an article to medium or thought catalog if I’m feeling particularly insightful.

Evening: I’ll typically feed my dog and then I’ll eat dinner. After which I’ll take another shower to wind down. I’ve come to absolutely Cherish this practice. I find it helps me calm down and sleep better as well. After this I might record another podcast episode if I’m feeling particularly creative. I’ll also check on some emails. After that I close my laptop and wind down to a movie or a conspiracy video. I need this time to wind down in order to not only sleep, but clear my head. I cannot sleep if my mind is racing with thoughts of things I need to do the next day.

I hope this helps!

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