We all get lonely sometimes, it hurts. I’m not going to deny that. It hurts like hell. Now I know the last 2 years have been especially hard with the pandemic and all. But I think there are more causes of loneliness than that. I’d like to talk about them today.

  1. Living alone. While for some it may be a dream come true. Sometimes it can be lonely. That’s why I wanted to acknowledge that today. I’d suggest maybe getting a pet or living close to friends or family. That way you’re not so alone.
  2. Breakups. Breakups suck. They can leave you extremely lonely. Your Routines change as well. That person you were used to leaning on is no longer there. That person you shared your inner most secrets with is no longer there. That can hurt a lot. My best advice would be to get back out there. Meet more people!
  3. Go to therapy.

Hope this helps!

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