Emotional Eating

Let’s face it we all get emotional sometimes right? And when we do that we tend to crave really unhealthy foods like chips, cake, ice cream all that stuff. I’m not going to include pizza or tacos because those can be healthy! And frankly I cannot imagine my life without tacos or pizza. Let’s just keep it 100%.

So why do we emotionally eat? Well it could be too numb ourselves, it could be a lot of reasons. But honestly? it only makes you feel worse. Now as good as a nice bag of chips may taste you end up feeling like shit after your done. I’m not saying you can’t have a bag in moderation. By all means. Ive learned that for me personally emotionally eating only makes me feel worse.

I sure have days where my depression acts up. But I don’t gorge on food. I could/used to. But it only made me feel worse.

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