Open letter to anyone with Panic Disorder

I’d like to start this letter by saying you’re not alone. I’ve dealt with panic attacks for a very long time. They’ve lessened now but I do understand how scary they are. Now I do have some tips for you in order to lessen the intensity of an attack. I’m not saying they will prevent them entirely but I wanted to share some ways to make them easier to deal with.

The first thing I do is avoid alcohol, caffeine and lots of sugar. I do this for other reasons and you’ll find those out if you’ve read my books. But that is one reason I avoid these things.

The second thing I did recently is deleted most of my social media accounts. They were stressing me out and messing with my mental health. So I took the power back and stopped using them.

The third thing is to TRY and lessen the amount of stress in your life. I know it’s sometimes difficult to do. Believe me. But if you can. it would help tremendously.

The fourth thing I would suggest is reach out to people when you are having one. Ask them to talk you about something silly. Or ask them to tell you about their day. it will give you something positive to focus on.

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