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10 Things I Wish I Learned in School


As I sit here and think about my school career, I often wonder if I learned everything that I was supposed to. In some ways I don’t think I did. What I mean by that is I learned Algebra but I didn’t learn how to balance a checkbook or about retirement or how to do taxes. I had to learn that all by myself. So here are five things I wish I had learned in school instead of Algebra.

  1. About Mental Health. Sure we learned about physical health, but where’s the discussions about Mental health? I feel like if we were more educated on Mental Health the stigma would be taken away or at least a lot less prevalent.
  2. Money. Sure we learned Algebra and all that shit. But ask yourself this, have you used Algebra once since you left school? I bet the answers no. If you have, you must be one of the few. I don’t think I’ve met someone that has.
  3. Finances. nobody teaches you how to balance a checkbook in school or how to do taxes. Those are things we get to learn on our own. We get to learn how to budget and make a living by ourselves as well.
  4. The Dangers of Social Media. I mean sure you hear the occasional story about a cyberbully but we don’t ever talk about how ridiculous social media is and how posting certain things can have harmful consequences.
  5. Time management. I don’t think I ever learned that. We should have though.
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