Social Media

Today I wanted to talk about Social Media a little bit. I don’t like or dislike Social media. Let’s talk about what I like about Social media first. I like Social media because it’s a great tool to share things on. I use it to advertise my businesses all the time. On that side of things it’s great. I love having that tool. But on the other side of that I feel like Social Media destroys relationships and connections we have with people.

Think about it: You post what you WANT people to see, you don’t post real life. Everything is calculated and edited. We’re not showing people our authentic selves. Then how are we supposed to get to know them? We aren’t. We need to connect with people on a real level. What happened to that?

What am I doing? Well I’m limiting my time on Social media and I’m not on instagram anymore. I realize that most of my job is on social media and that’s fine. However I’d rather connect with someone personally and not over social media. 🙂

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