Things to do for someone whose burned out.

We all get burned out from time to time. This is normal. I was thinking about this because I haven’t seen an article regarding this topic. (Maybe one exists and I’m not aware) Anyways I wanted to talk about this because I’ve had moments feeling kind of burned out. I want to make a disclaimer that I love blogging and podcasting and all the things I do. But sometimes as much as I love my jobs I sometimes get burned out. And that’s when I need to take some time and recharge. I also want to make a point that I’m an introvert and I need a lot of time to process things that happen to me.

So what can we do for someone whose burned out? Here are five things you can do.

  1. Understand that they may need to take a time out. What does that mean exactly? It means maybe they need to go for a walk or even more so a day alone. Or maybe they need to stop doing a certain project for a day or two. Maybe sitting down and having a discussion about this would help?
  2. Help that person come up with solutions. Maybe they need to cut back on work projects? Maybe they need to take a day for them once a week? having that discussion would help.
  3. Help that person come up with things they can do to take better care of themselves. maybe suggest they go to a spa? Maybe suggest they take a small vacation? Maybe go with them? Whatever is best for them
  4. Be there for them no matter what. Let them vent to you and understand that they aren’t directing anything at you. this can be a common source of misunderstanding. Sometimes someone’s venting and we take it like they are yelling at us. Just establishing that fact would help.
  5. Help them acknowledge the burnout. Sometimes people shove it away and deny it. This isn’t healthy.

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