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Things never to say to someone with depression


Yesterday I talked about things never to say to someone with Anxiety. Today I wanted to talk about Depression and things you should never say.

  1. Cheer up.
  2. it’s all in your head
  3. Get over it
  4. You’re so dramatic
  5. You’re upset over nothing
  6. It could be worse.

Let’s talk about why we shouldn’t say those things. Telling someone with Depression to cheer up is just as bad as telling someone with Anxiety to calm down. That’s invalidating the feelings. Depression is not just some random bad mood. It’s a mental illness and we need to be aware of that. When someone tells you that their depression is acting up you need to listen and be there for them

Telling someone it’s all in their head and that they’re upset over nothing is invalidating also. It makes us feel stupid and terrible. We didn’t choose to have depression and you telling us that is making it worse.

The Final point is don’t tell us it could be worse. That’ll just make us more depressed.

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