Something To Ponder.

I write this while listening to Soundgarden- Black Hole Sun. (Just in case you need a good song to listen to) I’ll start doing that: I’ll start putting what song I’m listening to when I post. So that you can listen along with me.

Anyways I was thinking last night about a few things: I was thinking about loneliness and how it’s so universal. I think we all have moments when we feel lonely even if a lot of people are around. Why is that? Because we are so disconnected from each other. We’re constantly on our phones and on social media. We’re always running from one thing to another. We never really sit and connect with people. We’re always hiding from people because we’re scared of exposing who we really are. We’re so afraid of letting people into our lives and even scarier our hearts. We push people away when we think people are getting too close to us. Don’t you agree?

I finish this post listening to Smells like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. I wanted you to think about this today. I hope you find solace in this post and relate to it. 🙂

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