My next book!

No it’s not done yet, be patient 😛

Ive barely started it to be honest with you. Why? Because Ive been so busy keeping all my other things afloat. Also I want this book to be special. I want to really take my time with this one. (I’ve said this before about all my other books, but I actually want to take my time this time) I will admit my last 5 books were kind of rushed. I wasn’t patient. I’m learning to be patient. My first book I had to publish fast because I wanted it gone from my life honestly. it was so heavy to write but so necessary. I wanted to tell the story. I just wanted it to do it fast.

My next book is a continuation of my 5th book. I’m exploring the idea that we might be living in a simulated reality. Scary huh? Of course it is. But it’s also cool. Of course we can’t see the ending. But that’s life huh?

I’ll let you know when it’s done! I promise 🙂

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