Self Love

Self love is something we all want to achieve huh? It’s not easy to love yourself in this day and age. With Social media and all the pressure out there it’s hard to love yourself. I’m still struggling with this concept. BUT I do want you to know it’s not impossible to love yourself. I have some simple tips on how to love yourself the best you can.

  1. Delete your social media accounts. Honestly? That’s what I did. Just recently. it was the best choice I could’ve ever made. Social media has been hurting my mental health and It’s no surprise because Social media is cut throat.
  2. Create a routine for yourself. Here’s an example of my routine. I spend a good portion of my day working but I do turn my computer off after supper and wind down with a movie or something. Do I feel guilty sometimes for not working 24/7? Of course I do. But I’m working on that. I do however want to acknowledge that sometimes when your self employed is does feel like the work never stops. BUT creating a routine for yourself is essential because when you do that you can have balance of work and fun.
  3. Talk to people who’ve been through similar things. When you do this you’ll realize that you are not in fact alone. and you may make some friends. That’s the goal with this blog is to create a community and add to the conversation about mental health.
  4. Hold yourself through the bad.

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