My Favorite artists

My favorite artists are extremely diverse. I enjoy everything from Motley Crue to Taylor Swift. It depends on the mood I’m in on a given day. I think song writers are ignored story tellers and poets. I love music that takes you there. Some artists I love for a good head bang which I’ll get too. Some artists I listen to when I’m in a mood.

The artists I love for a good head bang: 1. Def Leppard 2. Poison 3. Motley Crue 4. Nirvana 5.Metallica 6. Joan Jet. 7. Aerosmith and Van Halen just to name a few. I also really love American Authors and Alanis morrisette.

The artists that take me there:

  1. Taylor swift. She’s been one of my favorite artists since middle school. I can relate to most if not all of her songs. She’s my woman crush. I can honestly say. Her songs have gotten me through shit and will continue to do so. In fact I’m listening to her right now.
  2. Demi Lavato. They both make me want to dance and cry. I love their music and messages. I LOVE ME is a fucking bop. I can relate to some of their story. we both had a drinking problem and have been sexually violated. I get that shit.

Would you like me to share my spotify playlist? let me know!

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