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Easter eggs in my books


I have put Easter eggs in my fifth book “The Simulation” I hope you found them. If not you shouldn’t read this post because I will be spoiling them. I will explain them in detail. Perhaps reading my book first would be a good idea. IN fact you should read all my books because I talk about this many times.

The first Easter egg is something that not a lot of people would know! in the Simulation the girl drives a Ford Focus. That’s actually my car! I drive one.

The second Easter egg is that the girls name is Taylor. I named her after the one and only Taylor swift. If you know me really well you’ll know that I’m a huge Taylor swift fan.

The third Easter egg is Alexa and Siri’s hatred of each other is the theme of my next book. There are so many others but I’ll let you find them yourself.

have fun

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